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  • New Age Rules for Federal Employees

    01/16/2019 11:59:55 AM PST · by Eric Roelfsema · 28 replies
    me | me
    I have a proposal for federal employees. With the exception of the President and the Vice President, since Congress has a minimum age limit, (25 for the US House, 35 for US Senate), why cannot we consider a proposal for a maximum age limit for Federal Employees. If a federal employee, except for President and VP, obtains the age of 65 or 70, they must retire from the Federal job. If they wish to continue in their Federal job, they do not get their Federal salary. The must live off their pensions and whatever other money they may have. The...
  • It's the Census, Stupid!

    01/15/2019 8:32:12 AM PST · by reluctantwarrior · 6 replies
    self | 01/15/2019 | reluctantwarrior
    Democrats will stop at nothing to allow thousands if not millions of illegals to enter the US before the 2020 census. Those illegals get counted and that count decides congressional seats and illegals settle and are settled in democratic districts.
  • "Western Civilization" sometimes called "Christian Civilization" is now a racist concept?

    01/14/2019 7:21:14 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 56 replies
    Western culture, sometimes equated with Western civilization, Occidental culture, the Western world, Western society, and European civilization, is a term used very broadly to refer to a heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems and specific artifacts and technologies that have some origin or association with Europe. The term also applies beyond Europe to countries and cultures whose histories are strongly connected to Europe by immigration, colonization, or influence. For example, Western culture includes countries in the Americas and Australasia, whose language and demographic ethnicity majorities are European. The development of western culture has been...
  • Gillette's "Toxic Masculinity" Ad Campaign (vanity)

    01/14/2019 5:54:15 PM PST · by vannrox · 50 replies
    Gillette ^ | 15JAN19 | vannrox
    Hey! Have you seen the new advertisement for Gillette? I just cannot believe what I am seeing... Toxically masculine boys on their way to mansplain things Some boys going on a bullying spree... Toxic masculinity is everywhere and has "been going on far too long" Not-so diverse group of boys learning to be toxic and masculine. One is already manspreading. A narrator then goes on to suggest that "boys will be boys" is simply not going to fly anymore. Toxic masculinity in the workplace.Excusing toxic masculinity while grilling food The message is clear; If you're a man, you're inherently evil...
  • Have You called your Representatives?

    01/14/2019 4:59:26 PM PST · by AzNASCARfan · 14 replies
    Self | January 14, 2019 | AzNascarFan
    Does everybody understand Trump is trying to make Congress work like it is supposed to?? That includes citizens calling their representatives and telling them what you want them to do. SO, Have you called or written your Representatives and told them to Fund the wall once and for all and quit kicking this can down the road? They keep making the deal the Democrats want now, open the government first then we will deal with the rest... That is the proverbial football Lucy has been pulling at the last second for my entire voting lifetime now, 35 years. I say...
  • Twitter: Lisa Page Congressional Testimony Leaks

    01/11/2019 1:27:46 PM PST · by TigerClaws · 8 replies
    Lisa Page told Congress that FBI moved "quickly" to obtain a FISA against Carter Page for "operational reasons," according to a transcript leaked to @EpochTimes (link:… @dailycaller Lisa Page said that FBI began pursuing a FISA against Carter Page about a month before it was finally granted on Oct. 21, 2016. That means the FBI had the Steele dossier for mere days before it began seeking the FISA. Page's testimony also suggests that FBI started seeking FISA *after* obtaining the dossier from Steele. This would tend to support what's already obvious: the dossier was an essential component of...
  • Flashback: Pelosi: Obamacare Allows You to Quit Your Job and Become 'Whatever'

    01/11/2019 10:09:16 AM PST · by TigerClaws · 16 replies
    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that Obamacare facilitates the type of “liberation” that the “Founders had in mind” because it allows you to quit your job and become a “photographer,” a “writer,” a “musician”--or “whatever.” “As you hear from these stories, this is a liberation,” Pelosi said at a Capitol Hill news conference Thursday. “This is what our founders had in mind--ever expanding opportunity for people. “You want to be a photographer or a writer or a musician, whatever -- an artist, you want to be self-employed, if you want to start a business, you want to...
  • Shepard Smith has Gone Full Liberal Anti-Trump Today on FOX

    01/09/2019 12:46:39 PM PST · by DOC44 · 99 replies
    Just happened to flip it on and he was blaming Trump for everything from the shut down to all the people not getting money for their children's needs. How can we encourage FOX to discontinue ie FIRE Shep. A list of his sponsors would be helpful maybe.
  • So, the Democrats say the states have a right to defy the federal government. Is this a bad thing?

    01/08/2019 3:39:19 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 61 replies
    Jan 8, 2019 | by Jim Robinson
    The democrats say the states have a right to defy the federal government when it comes to NOT enforcing immigration laws they don't like. Does this mean the more conservative states have a right to defy the federal government in regards to enforcing laws they don't like? 'Legalized' abortion on demand or same-sex marriage, for example. How about gun control laws? Is there any federal law that states MUST enforce even if they don't like it? Can cities and states pass sanctuary one man, one woman marriage laws? Sanctuary pro-life laws? Sanctuary gun rights laws? Sanctuary free religion laws? Sanctuary...
  • DuBois column - Legislative legerdemain purposely excludes the public

    01/07/2019 1:18:02 PM PST · by cowpoke
    THE WESTERNER ^ | 1/7/2019 | Frank DuBois
    Legislative legerdemain purposely excludes the public It almost happened, but thanks to Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), it didn’t. In a move of legislative legerdemain, this time led by Republicans, our illustrious Congress tried to pass a 680 page federal lands package in the closing moments of this Congressional Session. To accomplish this they needed unanimous consent, and Senator Lee, along with Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, objected. Not having unanimous consent, the federal lands package failed. Now let’s step back and review how legislation is supposed to be passsed. A bill is introduced, let’s say in the House and...
  • National Emergency - The Wall - Big Mistake or Not? (VANITY)

    01/06/2019 5:07:57 AM PST · by Badboo · 47 replies
    Anity | 1/6/19 | Self
    Using a National Emergency to build the wall. Is that a mistake or not?
  • JonBenet Ramsey’s brother settles with CBS in $750 million defamation suit

    01/04/2019 8:59:33 PM PST · by Java4Jay · 73 replies
    A $750 million defamation lawsuit filed against CBS by JonBenet Ramsey’s brother has been settled.
  • Vanity: Tough love for the Republic in two easy steps

    01/03/2019 1:16:39 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 37 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    1) Hold the line for as long as it takes until the pledged wall is funded while also upholding pledge not to sign another bloated spending bill, ie, my counter offer is this: Nothing. Plus you will pay for the wall and you will cut government and you will cut spending. 2) Do not allow the congress to raise the debt limit. Make them live within the funds available, reallocate from 'nonessential' areas to essential only. Return functions that cannot be paid for that are not delegated to the federal government by the constitution to the states and the people...
  • Majority in Poll Want Trump Impeached or Censured (Necessary Repost)

    12/29/2018 5:37:21 PM PST · by FightThoughtControl · 53 replies
    vanity about The Hill | 12/18/2018
    Yesterday, Dahoser helpfully posted this outrageously deceptive article from The Hill. Thank you, Dahoser. The post received much attention from Freepers, who made many good comments. Since most people likely don't have the time to wade through all 131 comments, I will summarize here some particularly astute observations as well as add my own. I hope that it will be a helpful exercise in highlighting many of the ways the media attempts to deceive us, particularly with statistics. We should be concerned not just to avoid being deceived ourselves but also to recognize the powerful influence articles like this have...
  • Kevin de Leon, Author of Sanctuary City Bill, Offer Condolences To Dead Officer

    12/29/2018 10:23:51 AM PST · by TigerClaws · 64 replies
    Kevin de LeÏŒn @kdeleon Deepest condolences to the family of Cpl. Ronil Singh of the Newman Police Department. Our hearts are heavy during this holiday season. You truly lived the American Dream.
  • Need suggestions for banks or credit unions friendly to conservative organizations.

    12/29/2018 5:47:35 AM PST · by Vigilanteman · 17 replies
    SAR ^ | 29 December 2018 | Me
    Recently, I was elected treasurer of my local SAR chapter, the older male equivalent of the far better known Daughters of the American Revolution.Thus, I was appalled to learn what a partly rate of interest our existing bank paid on a recently matured CD (0.06%!) and refused to renew it, asking them to deposit it into our checking account instead.Accordingly, I am now actually shopping for another bank our credit union willing to offer a fine, patriotic organization such as our better rates and service. My retirement money, for example, is with Charles Schwab, where I can earn 2.3% (annualized)...
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Who is voting for her?

    12/26/2018 1:25:17 PM PST · by georgiabelle · 77 replies
    I have searched everywhere to find the answer to a burning question: Can RBG vote from her hospital bed. How do we know it is her voting?? Congressmen have to be physically present to vote. I would think the same would hold true for the Supreme Justices. Or at least be present for the hearing. Does anyone of you have an answer??
  • Can Someone Tell Me About the Wounded Warrior Project?

    12/25/2018 7:48:34 AM PST · by Jim Noble · 75 replies
    Vanity | December 25, 2018 | Jim Noble
    I have the opportunity to make some donations this year that I wouldn't normally be able to do. I'm interested in the Wounded Warrior Project but I have read conflicting information about it. Asking for any input about this charity from those who know.
  • Merry Christmas, everyone!

    12/24/2018 10:39:20 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 163 replies
    December 25, 2018 | by Jim Robinson
    Merry Christmas to all FReepers, Lurkers, friends, family, patriots and all. Special prayers for those away from home and family or otherwise alone tonight. Jesus loves us all and is always there. Place your trust in God and keep the faith. God bless.
  • It Seems ALL MSM & GOP hopeful President Candidates have turned on Trump

    12/20/2018 8:29:53 AM PST · by DOC44 · 58 replies
    self | self
    As I have watched MSM and especially FOX it appears they have all turned anti Trump and present increasingly negative remarks, people and predictions. Several republicans are posturing for a primary challenging position opposing Trump for the nomination for 2020. Linda Gram and Rubio have joined Flake. I am still waiting for Mittens to pair up with Ryano again and at least be critical of Trump if not run in the primary again. Many republicans smell blood in the water around the WALL.