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  • How many Mexican nationals within and without our borders should be indicted for meddling?

    02/17/2018 11:27:04 AM PST · by Jim Robinson · 59 replies
    How many Mexican nationals from both within and without our borders should be indicted for meddling and conspiracy to defraud the American people? And shouldn't Hillary and the DNC and the entire Democrat congressional caucus be investigated for colluding with foreign nationals (including Mexico's current and past presidents) to interfere in our elections? How many Mexican nationals have fake-named facebook and twitter troll accounts that are used to affect our elections? How many Spanish only radio and TV stations are there that urge Mexican nationals to interfere in our elections with money, rallies, protests, etc, mostly for socialist democrats and...
  • I bet if I search my memory far enough back, I can remember when the FBI was against communists

    02/16/2018 3:25:43 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 83 replies
    I bet if I search my memory far enough back, I can remember when the FBI actually went after communists in America. We even had congressional committees investigating Un-American (communist) activities. I can even remember a TV series in the 50's called "I Led Three Lives" about a guy working undercover for the FBI against communist infiltrators. And I'm pretty sure that J. Edgar Hoover was always going after communist plotters. Say, is it a figment of my imagination or wasn't it once illegal to be a communist in America? Who dropped the ball?
  • Who are the unnamed co-conspirators in Mueller's indictment?

    02/16/2018 2:57:45 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 26 replies
    Who are the unnamed co-conspirators in Mueller's indictment? I can give you three: 1) Hillary Clinton 2) Barack Obama 3) Jim Comey (or they should be, anyway)
  • President should order state of emergency, more protection for schools, effective immediately

    02/16/2018 12:10:21 PM PST · by old-ager · 63 replies
    Self ^ | Feb. 16, 2018 | Self
    What prevents the president from ordering / offering armed protection for all schools? He should declare a national emergency.
  • Breaking: FBI was contacted again in January About Nikolas Cruz, Did nothing [FBI is admitting it!]

    02/16/2018 9:44:06 AM PST · by SoFloFreeper · 49 replies
    No link yet--just reported ON AIR on the noon news program. WSVN claims to have a letter from the FBI admitting someone contacted their office on details of Nikolas Cruz, including that he had a gun and that he wanted to kill people. The info was never investigated. Christopher Wray says he is sorry for any pain this may cause the families of the victims.
  • Modern liberalism is Racial/Gender/Orientation Communism

    02/14/2018 12:44:04 PM PST · by Cubs Fan · 3 replies
    The old communsim was based on the idea that workers, the proletariat, were oppressed by the bourgeoisie, the capitalist class who own most of society's wealth and means of production. Modern liberalism is just a new form of communism, but instead of the oppressed workers we now have races declared oppressed-- blacks, hispanics, arabs -- and genders-- female and trans -- and of course orientation-- gays. While the new bourgeoisie oppressor class are whites, particularly white males. And of course the goal in each form of communism is to stage a revolution and take away the power of the "oppressor"...
  • Sen. Rubio's Important Questions About China...Democrat Only Asks About Rob Porter...

    02/13/2018 8:11:03 AM PST · by Stayfree · 27 replies
    Fox News | February 13, 2018 | Self
    Sen. Rubio asks FBI director and others about the path that China is taking to become the world's dominant super power including using our own academic superiority to educate their future scientists, but the stupid democrat that followed him only wanted to know what our intel people knew about the Rob Porter situation...what a bumbling old fool who shouldn't even be a crossing guard, much less a Senator.
  • In Defense of Jeff Sessions

    02/12/2018 8:36:19 PM PST · by Behind the Blue Wall · 82 replies
    February 12, 2018 | Behind the Blue Wall
    Like I assume many of you, I've spend much of the past year boiling with anger towards Jeff Sessions. He first got caught like a deer in the headlights with respect to the biggest issue facing the Trump Presidency, somehow not managing to remember critical events. Then he recuses himself from the Russia investigation, leaving Trump to the wolves, i.e. Obama Deep State holdovers infesting the Department of Justice, intent on destroying his Presidency. As a literal soft coup attempt against a sitting President seems to be progressing in plain view underneath his command, he seems completely asleep at the...
  • Freerepublic blocked on hardees wifi?

    02/09/2018 10:15:25 AM PST · by jmclemore · 64 replies
    I was attached to a local wichita ks hardee's wifi and recieved the following message - "This website is blocked by your network operator. If you feel you have received this message in error, please contact your network operator with the following information: URL:*/index Category: Philosophy and Political Advocacy Server:" Several other conservative friendly sites are accessable and the DU website.. Are any of you able to visit a hardees and report back your experience.

    02/08/2018 3:17:58 PM PST · by CivilWarBrewing · 85 replies ^ | February 8, 2017 | CivilWarBrewing
    The news media labeled Nixon's scandal 'WATERGATE'. It's time to assign a name to the massive scandals perpetrated by Team Obama aimed at OVERTHROWING OUR DULY-ELECTED GOVERNMENT! This is a textbook example of a BLOODLESS COUP so I hereby label it 'COUPGATE'. We recall the IRS scandal where Obama attempted to shutter conservative groups and their efforts to win elections. Lerner abused her power by illegally targeting Republicans and Koskinen lied to Congress and destroyed key evidence subpoenaed by Congress. But that's small potatoes compared to the more vast and multi-agency COUPGATE conspiracy by Obama's White House, FBI, DOJ, CIA...
  • Flashback/Vanity: Comey on the Need to Oversee the F.B.I.

    Authored by James Comey on the subject of FBI's surveilance of MLK, Jr.: It’s also the reason why I now require every new analyst and agent in training to take a course dedicated to the FBI’s interactions with Dr. King. In my office I have one of those big old desks, and so that I don’t ruin it, it has glass on the top of it. In the right-hand corner, under the glass, there’s a single piece of paper. It’s from October of 1963 and it’s a memo from J. Edgar Hoover, the first director of the FBI—I’m the seventh—the...
  • Does anyone else remember...

    02/06/2018 4:00:00 PM PST · by Brilliant · 16 replies
    2/6/18 | Me
    I am trying to locate a video clip, and I think it's been scrubbed from the web. Does anyone else remember this? When Hillary Clinton was doing her post-election interviews, she was asked whether her campaign did anything to try to get the FBI to investigate Trump's connection with the Russians, and she said something like, "Oh yes... We literally BEGGED them to investigate, but they never did a thing." I was thinking it was part of the Recode Interview, but I've gone through the Recode interview on YouTube over and over, and can't find it. I think either they've...
  • How to Deal With Telephone Solicitors

    02/06/2018 1:18:28 PM PST · by huckfillary · 157 replies
    Artful Dilettante ^ | February 6, 2018 | Artful Dilettante
    Let's face it, nobody but my mother-in-law likes phone solicitors. She'll talk to them for hours and the Jehovah's Witnesses that knock on her door every Saturday morning. She once hung up on my wife because the Jehovah's witnesses were knocking on the door. But this is mostly about handling phone solicitors. The phone rings. You know immediately it's a solicitor. Homeowner: This is Chief Inspector Flanagan from Homicide. You've called in the middle of a crime scene investigation. The homeowner was found dead a short while ago. But while you're on the phone, let me ask you some questions...
  • Investigating....

    02/06/2018 6:10:04 AM PST · by generally · 37 replies
    generally | 2018 Feb 06 | generally
    We on FR are spending a lot of time investigating things. We have several excellent approaches to this including 1. Creating "maps" that link the players to each other. Who works for whom? Who is married to whom? Who is related to whom? Who met with whom? 2. Creating timelines. What happened and when? I'd like to suggest that we add a new tool to our arsenal: 3. Let's stop and try to think like an evil, lawless liberal. First we have to figure out what he/she is trying to do. Then we need to brainstorm about how he/she would...
  • FLASHBACK: McCain Suspends Campaign, Shocks Republicans

    02/05/2018 10:50:23 PM PST · by TigerClaws · 37 replies
    From Sept. 24, 2008, at 6:41 p.m. McCain Suspends Campaign, Shocks Republicans He did what? The sound of jaws hitting the floor reverberated in Washington this afternoon when Republican presidential nominee John McCain announced that he would suspend his campaign and asked that Friday's debate be postponed. Why? Because of the "historic crisis in our financial system," said McCain, who intends to return to Washington tomorrow to participate in Wall Street bailout negotiations on the Hill. In explaining his decision, McCain also referred to 9/11, patriotism, and partisan divisions that have "prevented us from addressing our national challenges." What he...
  • The number one question not answered by the Nunes memo

    02/05/2018 7:36:31 AM PST · by Brilliant · 64 replies
    2/5/18 | Me
    The number one question not answered by the Nunes memo is whether the FBI and DOJ informed the court that the requested warrant was part of a broader investigation of the Trump campaign. If I were a FISA judge, I would certainly want to know if the reason the FBI wanted the warrant was to spy on the opposition party's Presidential campaign. It is difficult to see how that information could have been concealed from the court, given that the FISA application cited liberally from the GPS dossier and the GPS dossier was about Trump. However, it's apparent that they...
  • Whatever Happened to the Republic ? Everyone These Days Calls it a Democracy

    02/04/2018 1:17:44 PM PST · by huckfillary · 64 replies
    Artful Dilettante ^ | February 4, 2018 | Artful Dilettante
    The word Republic has all but disappeared from our political lexicon.  It has erroneously been replaced by Democracy.  The Founders must be turning over in their graves.  They had nothing but contempt for democracy.  They sought to, and did, create a constitutional republic, but not before doing their homework. Unlike today's politicians, talking heads, and academics, the Founders had an acute, in-depth, and nuanced understanding of history and political systems.  Prior to the 1787 constitutional convention, James Madison undertook a comprehensive study of every known republic in recorded history to ensure that the Founders didn't repeat their mistakes.  The Founders...
  • Questions about the Memo(Vanity)

    02/04/2018 11:36:04 AM PST · by janetjanet998 · 12 replies
    I have a couple of questions about what isn't in the Memo: 1) The FISA warrant was approved/renewed FOUR different times. Was the same "evidence" brought up in the renewals that was in the original approval or was other info added as time went on? Rep Rafliffe(sp?) was on Fox this morning saying he saw the applications for all four and loosely implied the dossier was the key for all Four. If the Dossier was the main factor in all FOUR then why didn't Memo make that clear. The media is spinning "there was to be more" since it was...
  • FISA Memo Questions

    02/02/2018 5:44:10 PM PST · by generally · 114 replies
    Vanity | 2018 Feb 02 | generally
    Questions the memo raises or leaves unanswered. We need answers now. 1. Why did the DOJ and FBI want to wiretap Carter Page? 2. The Memo says it obtained one initial warrant targeting Page and three renewals. Presumably those were each for 90 days (but I could be wrong and they could have been shorter). That's a full year of snooping. What was the probable cause for the initial warrant and for each subsequent warrant. 3. For the FBI, Comey signed 3 applications, McCabe signed one. For the DOJ Yates, Boente, and Rosenstein each signed one or more. Why were...
  • Must Must Listen! Dan Bongino filling in for Mark Levin tonight

    02/01/2018 7:06:27 PM PST · by Phillyred · 60 replies
    Has anyone heard Dan Bongino tonight who is filling in for Mark Levin? His breakdown of the spying scandal is phenomenal!! He breaks it onto chapters over the entire show. Absolute best explanation I have heard yet. Please do yourself a favor and listen to the whole thing. You won't regret it. He's a former secret service agent. Click here for the podcast replay