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I write about education reform from a conservative or traditional point of view. My main site is

My big topics are the decline of the public schools; the inefficiency of most of the common theories and methods; and what we should do to improve. I've put 400 education articles, videos, and book reviews on the net., now in its tenth year, has a lot of articles about these bad theories and methods, especially reading. "42: Reading Resources" is a good place to start.

All the articles led to a book called THE EDUCATION ENIGMA, on Amazon.

Everything I've figured out so far is summarized as a BILL OF RIGHTS FOR STUDENTS 2015 (

I use twitter only to announce new articles: @educatt

I'm also working on a lot of literary projects (novels, poetry, etc.) My literary site is Literature For You.


Another attempt at summary is this:

Free The Schools
a simple four-step plan

Our Education Establishment has an 80-year record of praising and protecting bad pedagogies. Enough. Here is what we need instead, starting now:

1. REAL READING. That means systematic phonics for several months until children learn to read. That means no Whole Word, no sight-words, no Dolch words, no high-frequency words. These gimmicks are all the same thing and the reason we have 50 million functional illiterates.

2. REAL ARITHMETIC. Schools use sensible, coherent programs such as Saxon Math, Singapore Math, or the like. (They do not use Reform Math in any of its forms-- Everyday Math, Connected Math, TERC.) Children master basic skills, know the multiplication tables, and can find answers. No more spiraling, fuzziness, or dependence on calculators.

3. REAL LEARNING. It’s knowledge-based and fact-filled. Children learn basic information in the fields of Geography, History, Science, Literature, etc. Students advance in a logical way from the simple to the complex--which leads to genuine critical thinking.

4. REAL EDUCATION. It’s academically correct (as opposed to politically correct). The emphasis is on building study skills and scholarly character. Students know a great deal, and know how to learn more. They can do independent work. They understand that precision, rigor, and honesty are the same things.

FREE THE SCHOOLS is simply what all good schools have done throughout history and are now doing around the world. Good education is not rocket science. Get the asinine theories and methods out of the way. Real education will thrive. We especially need this in the early grades, where lots of children have to play catch-up.

If you can use this material or advance this campaign, please go ahead. If there are people or groups I should contact, leave info at: Word-Wise, 757-455-5020. Bruce Deitrick Price