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- 245i Amnesty to be Attached to Supplemental Spending Bill?

- Tancredo doubts he can block amnesty-extension bill

a - Is Free Republic a commercial operation or a charity?

a - radio - Someone needed to host shortwave show

a - search - Free Republic Search Engine *Experimental*

aa - gun rights - Patriotism flourishes at gun show

aaa - Washington - George Washington's 'Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour'

aaaaa - Clinton Blair Balkins - Ohioan link @ 17.

aaaaa - Freerepublic features (the run-down)

AAAAA - Request info #286 McVeigh Put to Death

aaaaa- 04/25/02 - End of the road for anti-communist rebel

Abortion - Man guilty of abortion in ex-girlfriend's beating

Abortion - Man guilty of abortion in ex-girlfriend's beating (good thread, read also #38)

Alert - A Modest Proposal for a FReepers "Instant Alert Network"

Alternative Energy - Following Terrorists Attacks Alternative Energy in Spotlight

American, Bad

Animal Activists - PETA - linked to terrorists

Anthrax - Sharp Doctor Saved Anthrax Victim

Aztlan - Website spreads anti-semitism in LA Latino community

Barry Seals - They are still whacking him

BATF - Record - 369 Bullets Fired In Lubbock SWAT Snafu

Beck - (Beck Gun Confiscation UpDate)Supervisors critical of ATF agents response in August shootout

Beck - A fiery standoff [James Beck and the Santa Clarita Shootout]

Beck - A Trail of Guns and Lies {James Beck history of Crime}

Beck - A Trail of Guns and Lies {James Beck history of Crime}

Beck - A Trail of Guns and Lies {James Beck history of Crime}

Beck - Agents waited 14 months before serving warrant

Beck - Agents..Knew Felon Stock-piled Weapons Before Fiery Standoff (ATF Gestapo Wanted GunConfiscate Show)

Beck - BATF does it again!

Beck - BATF Record - 369 Bullets Fired In Lubbock SWAT Snafu

Beck - BECK CRIME SCENE PHOTOS (slow - all images)

Beck - Beck is Guilty, but so are LEAs

Beck - Beck passes first ATF search

Beck - Beck passes first ATF search

Beck - Blazes of Glory: A Simple Analysis

Beck - Body found amid the ashes

Beck - Body found amid the ashes

Beck - Body found could be suspected L.A. sniper (Beck A DEA Who Sued BATF? Murdered By BATF? HelpResearch)

Beck - Body found could be suspected L.A. sniper (Beck A DEA Who Sued BATF? Murdered By BATF? HelpResearch)

Beck - Calif. Sheriff Deputy Shot to Death

beck - Calif. Standoff Probe Raises Questions

Beck - Confusion in armed standoff may have led to shooting death of suspect, officer {Beck}

Beck - Confusion in armed standoff may have led to shooting death of suspect, officer: THREAD 2

Beck - Cop Killer s Mother FIles Claim

Beck - Cover-up Denied in Stevenson Ranch Shootout (Beck Related)

Beck - Deputy killed; standoff ends in blaze (Gun Confiscation Target & Resister Was A Former Cop)

Beck - FIREFIGHTERS WERE ROBOTS -- LA shooter burned alive on purpose


Beck - FOX News Alert III -AP:Deputy Killed While Trying.. ( Gun Confiscation & Resistence To It Begins)

Beck - FOX NEWS ALERT Thread #2



Beck - James Beck no better than George Rivas

Beck - James Beck no better than George Rivas, Thread II

Beck - James Beck not Yet Found!?

Beck - James Beck's confrontation with Federal Officers and his Fiery Death

Beck - James Beck: From cop to criminal

Beck - James Beck: From cop to criminal

Beck - L.A. Deputy Killed in Standoff

Beck - LA Cop-Shooter Burned Alive (Thread 4) The evolution of an opinion

Beck - LA Cop-Shooter Burned Alive (Thread III) -- The evolution of an opinion

Beck - LA Cop-Shooter Burned Alive (Thread IV) -- The evolution of an opinion

Beck - LA shooter burned alive on purpose (Thread II)

Beck - Man Involved in Shootout With Authorities Had Worried Neighbors

Beck - Neighbors Spy On Anyone Who Doesn't Go To Work

Beck - Officers shot at wrong house in L.A. siege (Beck)

Beck - Relief Fund For Slain Officer

Beck - Report: California Officers Issuing Federal Warrant Were Unprepared for Hostile Suspect

Beck - Report: California Officers Issuing Federal Warrant Were Unprepared for Hostile Suspect

Beck - Residents pick up the pieces ( LA CRIME SCENE ALREADY BULLDOZED)

Beck - Residents Pick up the Pieces (Thread II)

Beck - Residents pick up the pieces (Thread II)

Beck - Same story, thread 2

Beck - SCV Deputy Killed -- ATF raid turns fatal when suspect opens fire on police.

Beck - Sheriff’s officials deny "friendly fire" killed deputy

Beck - Some freepers start joint fund for Beck/Mumia Shrine - Mumia killed a cop too

Beck - Standoff Investigation Raises Questions About Who Fired Bullet That Killed Deputy

Beck - The Real Story on the Cali Sniper

Beck - Thousands mourn slain Los Angeles deputy

Beck - Thousands mourn slain Los Angeles deputy

Beck - US Police State Meets No Resistance

Beck - WHERE IS BECK'S GIRLFRIEND NOW; (and what could she tell us?)

Bible - Egyptian accounts of the flood. See reply # 32

Bioterorism - Conn Spores[Vials from Tomas Foral's Refrigerator Test] Positive; Army(Ft.Dietrick)Plans More Tests

Blood - DVT study 'will scare travellers'

Boxer's Bogus Blathering - Sen. Boxer: 'Communism Is Dead' in Cuba

Budget - GOP railroads budget-busting measure (I'm gonna get sick)

Calif - Energy Crisis - Duke Energy Cut Power

Calif - Energy Crisis - Price Caps, Federal Board Orders Limited

Calif - Energy Crisis - Solution Via Off Peak Hour Storeage, Possible

Calif - Sales Tax Revenue Slows

Calif - State Budget - Reserve Buildup - Possible New Taxes

Calif Energy - Enron Says Davis Not to Blame

Calif Energy Crisis - Gray Davis Stiffs Phone Conference

California - Energy Crisis - Market Manipulation?

California - Now the World's Fifth Economic Power, US, Japan, Germany, UK, Cal., France

California Energy Crisis - Gas Plants

Cameras - Red Light - Rearend crashes go up after red-light cameras go in.

Canada - elite secret army - JTF2

Caos - US activists demand lawyers for chimps

CARA - Hate CARA. Fear CARA. (Long Article but Important)

Charity 09/11 funds - Much of Sept. 11 Charity Remains to Be Disbursed

Child CAre - Use of drugs to control kids worries specialists

Child Development - Bad news, kids: Spanking's OK

Children's Issues - Day Care - Child Aggression Linked

Children's Issues - Day Care - Kids do Better when Mom's Around

China - China turns screw again on Tibetan culture

China - China will continue to target US cities - Powell )(why china can win # 36)

China - Europe - Ports - EC Backs Hutchison Control Of Rotterdam Terminal

China - Export Import Bank, The

China - Middle Eastern Reallignment?

China - Organ harvesting story appears in Beijing newspaper

China - Scientists alarmed by low levels of scientific awareness (China)

China - Sudan, Presence in the

China - Taiwan - Attack Resources I

China - Taiwan - Attack War Games...

China - Taiwan Absurd, Claim to - Kirkpatrick, Ambassador Jean

China - Technological Advances - Make Room For China

Church State - Islam studies required in California district

CIA - Clinton - Criminality etc - Employees sue CIA for 'abuse of power' (Illegal Tactics And Cover-Up)

CIA - Nato and Russia Set to Wrap Up Co-Operation Agreement - see resp 3

CIA - New evidence in CIA drug-program death

CIA in the New World Order, The - Intelligence Challenges Through 2015 (Article From CIA Website)

Citizen's Arrest - Parents Arrest a School Official

Clinton, Hillary - Black Panther Ties

Clinton, WJB - Executive Orders, Last Minute

Clinton, WJB - Whitewater - Lasiter, Cocaine Conviction, Party Girl, PardonGate

Clintons - Both Clintons misused Arkansas state police: Bill had cops keep score on Jane Does

CNN - 'Commie Dictator' Castro Inspired CNN, Ted Turner Admits

Columbia - Actual text of that Nasa Email

Columbia - After Liftoff, Uncertainty and Guesswork

Columbine - Problems with Police Version of Events

Communism - Sen. Boxer: 'Communism Is Dead' in Cuba


Constitiution - 2nd Amendment phonies

Constitution - Bob Barr(R)Anti-Patriot Act:...Panel faults restrictions imposed since Sept. 11

Constitution - FEMA Issues - Martial Law Plans, State Officials Consider

Constitution - First Ammendment - Europe Related

Constitution - First Ammendment - God and the Military, Separation of Church and State

Constitution - First Ammendment - International Agreements and Your Rights

Constitution - Fourth Ammendment - Cash Seizure - Article 00 01

Constitution - Fourth Ammendment - Face camera use draws scrutiny

Constitution - Fourth Ammendment - House panel hears traffic-camera debate

Constitution - Fourth Ammendment - License Checkpoints.

Constitution - Fourth Ammendment - Seeing Red Over Traffic Light Cameras

Constitution - Fourth Ammendment ???

Constitution - How Does it Rank? Some might wonder after reading this thread.

Constitution - Law Enforcemnt, Sheriffs (See Reply # 17)

Constitution - Police State "al martin"

Constitution - Presidential and FEMA Threat to Rights

Constitution - Protection from Invasion - Is your State a legal entity.

Constitution - Schlafly addresses National ID card. Good comments.

Constitution - Second Amendment - FR Task Force

Constitution - Second Amendment - Jim Moron's amendment defeated. Ashcrofts decision on instant check sustained. WHO VOTED WHAT!

Constitution - Second Ammendment - An especially sad case made for Carrying a Concealed Gun/Police can not and will not Protect You

Constitution - Second Ammendment - Ask Your Neighbors If They Have Guns!

Constitution - Second Ammendment - Burro Canyon - Article 00 01

Constitution - Second Ammendment - Conspiracy to Deny Citizens their Civil Rights

Constitution - Second Ammendment - Grandma Saved by Grandson with a Gun

Constitution - Second Ammendment - It Has Started! Illinois Begins to Confiscate Registered Guns

Constitution - Second Ammendment - Long Range Target Rifles Now Themselves a Target

Constitution - Second Ammendment - Quotes From The Founding Fathers Regarding Guns

Constitution - Second Ammendment - Seeing Isn't Believing: A Study on Boys and Guns Raises Questions About Research Tactics

Constitution - Second Ammendment - The Seven Myths of Gun Control

Constitution - Second Ammendment - Weapons course behind schedule

Constitution - This is not just a war on terrorism

Constitution - U.S. to Immediately Carry Out Anti-Terrorism Law

Corruption - Ashcroft Is Given Ultimatum on Documents

Corruption - Mena - WE FINALLY WON ONE! (Ives Henry murders)


Cradle of Civilization - KwaMashu boys to undergo virginity testing

Crime - Britain - Crime Up, Nationalized Police Threatened

CRIME - FBI - GAO: FBI Official Misled Congress

Cuba - Treasury examines Havana jaunt by TV execs

Currency - Euro bank notes to embed RFID chips by 2005 (tracking system for cash)

D1 - Word For The Day, Wednesday, 4/17/02

Davis - Concealing of Davis' Names Rejected

Defenese - CIA uncovers missile moves by China

Defense - Adm. Moorer: Clinton Policies Led to Disaster

Defense - Air Force Rushing To Build Smaller Smart Bombs

Defense - Air Force Turns 747 Into Holster for Giant Laser

Defense - Analysis: China, Russia sewing up Eurasia

Defense - Australia could split with U.S. over Taiwan, minister warns

Defense - Beijing finds ally in Powell to clip wings of hawks

Defense - Berets & Ammo - Pentagon stuck with berets

Defense - Call to form a European anti-riot force

Defense - China & Russia Deploy New Missile

Defense - China - Taiwan warns of 'four-laws' WTO strategy

Defense - China backs Arafat on monitors

Defense - China Continues to Proliferate Missile Tech to Middle-East

Defense - China Offers Tourists If Turkey Lets Aircraft Carrier Pass

Defense - China Plans Space Station After Unmanned Launch (Amazing What USA Know-How Can-Do!)

Defense - China practices sinking U.S. carriers

Defense - China ready to deploy its first mobile ICBMs

Defense - China Says U.S. Offer on Spy Plane 'Unacceptable' - We justy payment.

Defense - China's Interest in Cuba Base Won't Rile U.S.

Defense - Chinese subs score 3 missile hits in war games

Defense - Citizen Corp - see post 120

Defense - Condition of U.S. Military Bases Outrages Lawmakers

Defense - Defense cuts and isolationism

Defense - Exporting Our Secrets - Defense Department IG Statement on Export Controls and Licensing Processes

Defense - Friends of China?

Defense - Harry Wu: China is New 'Evil Empire.'

Defense - History - In public schools, America is history

Defense - Inquiry Intelligence Failures Hits Obstacles (911HearingMay8)

Defense - Iran, N Korea may have produced nuke bombs: Reports

Defense - Lowest Military members in 60 years. Other stats...

Defense - M1 Abrams - Two former (Afghan Communist) generals plot secret revolt

Defense - Military Training - Robin Sage

Defense - Missiles - Upgraded Missiles Found Less Accurate...Shorter Range (We Disarm MX & Make Minutemen Impotent!)

Defense - More Base Closings Called for by Defense Secretary

Defense - Much-Maligned B-1 Bomber Proves Hard to Kill

Defense - NATO, Russia to Create New Council - See # 09

Defense - Nuclear Policy - NonNuclear States

Defense - Pakistan provides nuclear technology to Libya, Iran, Iraq

Defense - Peacekeeper Missile Launched In Test (MIRV DATA)

Defense - Pentagon Study Urges Arms Shift, From Nuclear to High-Tech

Defense - Phase one F-16 CFT flight testing completed

Defense - Police Actions - Macedonia readies for NATO force [500 AMERICAN TROOPS TO BE INVOLVED!]

Defense - Quaranteenes

Defense - Rebuild America's armed services

Defense - Rumsfeld Developing Sweeping Reforms for U.S. Defense

Defense - Rumsfeld Poised To Dump 2-War Strategy - New goal: Defeat 1 enemy, repel a 2

Defense - Rumsfeld to Propose Cutting B-1 Bomber Force by One-Third

Defense - Rush: My Conversation With Christopher Cox

Defense - Russia and China Building For War - United States is Joint Target

Defense - Russia and China Strike Major Arms Purchase Deal

Defense - Russia gets new missile ABM see around # 21

Defense - Russia, China sign historic friendship treaty

Defense - Russian Air Force Readiness

Defense - Russian Defector Warns US against Planned Unilateral Disarmament Measures

Defense - Russian Military Exercises “Unacceptable”

Defense - Senate committee calls for new base closings, considers special votes on missile defense plans (Military Present)

Defense - Senator warns China on nuclear proliferation

Defense - Sino-Russian alliance against US finally formalized in ceremony yesterday

Defense - Taiwan - US expert warns of early Taiwan Strait war


Defense - The Rumsfeld wall will NOT defend America

Defense - U.S. Builds China's War Machine {Howard Phillips: }

Defense - U.S. Might Cut Warheads, Keep Missiles & Military Leaders Favor Closing Bases (2 Stories)

Defense - UN Sponsors Arab Tours of US Nuclear Reactors

Defense - United Nations - US Disarmament - See # 11

Defense - US to OK China missile buildup

Defense - US to trim nuclear arsenal (EVEN IF RUSSIA FAILED TO MATCH THEM)

Defense - US/Russia Reach Nuclear Arms Deal

Defense - War with China? US Shifting Massive War Material to Asia

Defense - Washington Eyes Closing Bases

Defesne - China War Games - War games role for orbiting surveillance (China)

Defesne - Total U.S. Military Transformation In 10 Years Not Realistic, Says Wolfowitz

Descrimination - Man gets promotion after changing from 'white' to 'black'

Destruction of Evidence - Interior Dept. Erased Indian E-Mail

Display - Electronic Paper

Divorce - It's lasting impressions on the children who survive.

DNA - Red Cross donated blood provides DNA information for government databases

DOJ - FBI agents claim DOJ fixed probe: Reno, aides worked 'hand and glove' with WH to protect Clinton

Drug Legalization - Professor Dies Cocaine Filled Baloon Bursts in Body

Drug Legalization - Teen night clubs

Drug Legalization - Temp Pointer - Further discussion pending...

Education - $15 Billion Missing From Education Department{Evidence Points to Embezzlement Scheme By Clinton Off}

Education - Alan Keyes Electrifies Fistgate Rally

Education - Camenker Vindicated by Reinstatement of Fistgate Teacher

Education - Compulsory education for 2-year-olds?: D.C. councilman proposes forcing toddlers into classrooms

Education - Does a degree prove intelligence. Interesting post in # 13.

Education - Government study estimates that 850,000 children are home-schooled

Education - Home Schooling - The Dark Side of Homeschooling/Looking for an Answer

Education - Homestyle Teaching - Home Schooling Is Going Mainstream

Education - How to dumb down a nation: Samuel L. Blumenfeld says it's a simple as destroying literacy

Education - Human Sacrifice Rationalization in 7th Grade Curriculum

Education - Increased Spending Doesn't Guarantee Johnny will Learn More

Education - Local Schools? Don't Make Me Laugh!

Education - No thank you....we don't believe in "socialization"

Education - Not Proof of Smarts (Personal Note: Tyson and Wife photo)

Education - Raped in class

Education - State Board of Ed. has no Children in Public Schools

Education - Students Achieve Better Scores After Teacher Strike

Education - Voucher Prove Successful For Urban Black Youths- Doubts Remain If Other Ethnic Groups Would Benefit

Education - Vouchers Cleveland

Education - What Happened When Well-to-Do Parents Tried to Prep a Public School for Their Kids

Elections - Tampering - Woman Gets Year in Prison for Stealing Debate Tape

EMP? - Fried Birds, Electronics, Transmitters via unexplained Energy Blast(Near the old Nuke plant)

Energy - Ethanol


Energy - House Votes to Bar Oil Drilling in Great Lakes

Energy - Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (Another Interesting Idea)

Energy - Nuclear fusion gets quadruple boost

Energy - Where in the World is all the Free Energy?

Enlish vs Spanish - Schools Excel After Abolishment of Bi-Lingual Programs

Enron - Baxter death investigated by FBI

Enviro Babble - The End of the Climate Debate?

Environ"Mental" - Buffalo Commons: Professor believes its ("Wildlands") time has come

Environ"Mental" - Butterfly study stops church expansion

Environ"Mental" - Coolest Summer In A Decade Chills Los Angeles

Environ"Mental" - Eco-groups to ask Norton to reverse grizzly rejection

Environ"Mental" - Environmentalists feeling heat in power crisis

Environ"Mental" - Surprise! The Earth may be OK after all

Environ"Mentalism" - The Great Media Bias: What Does "Anti-Government" Really Mean?


Environment - Terrorism (elf 0001)

Environment - Wetlands Project

Environmental - Control - Is it Wise to Purchase an SUV?

Espionage - Red China Industrial Espionage Guilty Plea And Upcoming Sentencing

EU - Steamrolls It's Members

Europe - Taxes (France)

European Union - EU Suspends Funding to PA in Wake of Terror Victim Suit

Father's Rights - Suicides

FBI - 'Rifleman' in Federal Court (Killed 10 people While FBI informant! Thanks Disgraceful FBI!

FBI - Cover-Ups Inside FBI Disclosed

FBI - Does New Director Suck? - FBI Director Nominee Mueller Helped FBI and DOJ Cover Up Evidence on Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC Bombing

FBI - Ex-Official Confirms Freeh Decision be censured {in connection with 1992 siege at Ruby Ridge}

FBI - False Imprisonment - Man Imprisoned 30 Years for Crime He Didn't Commit

FBI - FBI, ATF haven't been using info from checks

FBI - Freeh a Criminal?

FBI - History - Instructions to Shills, Hoover's

FBI - Operation Magic Lantern (FBI Now Targets Christian Defenders of Constitution )

FBI - Report: FBI Probed for Treatment of Siege Critics (Ruby Ridge)

FBI - The FBI expands its global reach, earning successes and friends but raising questions about methods

FBI - Vince Foster - Silver Gun, The


FBI INC. - How the world's premier police corporation totally hit the skids

FBI Training in Mexico

Femanazis - When coach is a chick: Debbie Schlussel says let boy sports be boy sports

Femanizis - When coach is a chick: Debbie Schlussel says let boy sports be boy sports

Feminism - Cleaning Up After Radical Feminism: Manhood Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Finance - Dollar May Extend Record Stretch of Declines: Currency Outlook

Finance - Market Information

Firearms - Seeing Isn't Believing: A Study on Boys and Guns Raises Questions About Research Tactics


Flight Tracker - Is Nationwide Air Traffic Graphic Available

Fonda, Jane - Not really! Hanoi Jane links.

Food Supply - Farmers to be 'keepers of countryside' - Britain

Food Supply - Roundup Ready Corn Must Be Segregated, Growers Assn. Concerned About Market Disruptions

Food Supply - USDA Approves Terminator Seed, A Seed Designed Not to Regrow, Seeds Are No Good

Foreign Aid - Question

Forum - Liberalizing Trade, to the Benefit of All

Foster - Publisher Spikes Whitewater Tell-All by Key Witness

Foster, Vince - Fuhrman, Mark - Tackle Foster Case Next, Will

Future - A sobering thought

G7+1 - Officer charged with murder after G8 Protestor death

Global Governance - Britain - Union Jack & Licenses

Global Governance - Inevitable or a Right Wing Myth? - Geoff Metcalf/Tal Brooke

Global Governance - NAFTA - Mexico Wins Truck Ruling over US Objections

Globalism - Chip Production Moving to China

Globalism - Death Penalty

Globalism - Dubya Sings "We Are The World!" to the World Bank

Globalism - Ending the Debate: Globalist-Styled 'Consent' {Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority}

Globalism - EU Blocks Merger - O'Neill rebukes EU for blocking GE merger

Globalism - EU, The, Steamrolls It's Members

Globalism - FFTA - Text for Free Trade Accord Released

Globalism - Foreign idea for police hiring

Globalism - G7+1 - G-8 and Main Protest Groups Agree on Stopping Violence

Globalism - G8 Italy - July 2001 - Uncle Sam is really the target at Genoa

Globalism - Global taxation moves closer! Lamb exposes U.N. plan for worldwide control of all economic activity

Globalism - ICC - Africans call for slavery reparations

Globalism - ICC - Disasters will outstrip aid effort as world heats up - Rich states could be sued


Globalism - Japan Braces for a 'Designed in China' World

Globalism - Klamath Falls' invisible foe {The United Nations and assorted NGOs}

Globalism - Kyoto - Japan and UK to Team Up Trying to US to Support Agreement

Globalism - Kyoto - U.S. Heartened by Japanese Support on Kyoto [Kyoto treaty is now dead]

Globalism - Kyoto Compromise - Negotiators announce global warming deal

Globalism - Liberalizing Trade, to the Benefit of All

Globalism - NAFTA - Senate Panel Okays Wider Access for Mexican Trucks (9,000 MexiTruck CO's, DangerOnTheHighway Jan02)

Globalism - NAFTA - Truck Inspections

Globalism - Nato approves Macedonia force

Globalism - Oklahoma Court Stays Execution of Mexican Murderer

Globalism - Olympic Games in Beijing a New Low

Globalism - Police chief wants noncitizens as cops

Globalism - Police chief wants noncitizens as cops{"people who have not sworn allegiance to the U.S}

Globalism - Protesters in Genoa are no friends to the poor

Globalism - Protests - Protesters set off to 'save the world' Italy 07/19/2001

Globalism - Sovereignty - A Lighting Bolt of Reality: The Forced Relocation of Rural Populations

Globalism - Supremes - Annan in historic meeting with Supreme Court &Congress/is believed to be unprecedented.

Globalism - U.N. 'gay' threat to 1st Amendment?

Globalism - U.N. Leader/Tyrant Gets Liberty Medal In Philadelphia-Home of Declaration On 4thJuly!SICK! mytitle

Globalism - U.S. tax break violates international rules


Globalism - US and Canada may dismantle border - Canada may adopt US dollar within 5 years

Globalism - US and Canada may dismantle border - Canada may adopt US dollar within 5 years

Globalism - US urged to revamp tax (by EU)

Globalism - Who Controls the Food?

Globalism - World Court - Berlin Wins Consular Case Against U.S. in U.N. Court

Globalism - World Court claims U.S. jurisdiction

Globalism - WTO - Taxes - WTO loss shows US tax system needs reform-lawmaker {Secret Boards tell Americans what they must do}.

Globalism - WTO Ruling on US Tax Shelters

Globalism - ‘We want off this high-speed Euro train!’ say Austrians (My Title)

Globalism's next nasty step: The new facism of government merging with business

Globalization - Canadian Leader Suggests Borders be Eliminated

Globalization - Shoot Protesters at Will

Globalognia - Agency calls for open border - Congestion costs business: 'We should push it as far as we can,'

Government - Abuse - US Echelon spy network a fact, European Parliament told

Government - Corruption - Judge Demands Documents on FBI Computer Spy System

Government - If Noah were to build the arc today

H 1B Visas, Up in the down year of 2001. Running at record pace as unemployement soars

H1-B Visas - Terrorists Flying Planes Legally? - Government Lies and Your Future

Health - Postpartum - Chicago Suicides Refocus Spotlight On Baffling Disorder

Home School - Rights - Illinois Home Schoolers Investigated for “Children Playing in Yard”

Homosexuality - Author Admits Gay Propaganda in Kids' Book

Homosexuality - Freepers Help! 10% of USA Homosexual!!??

Homosexuality - Gay Boy Scout Leader Charged

Homosexuality - Gay Lobby Scrambles to Hide Truth About Child Molestation

Homosexuality - High School - Alan Keyes Electrifies Fistgate Rally

Homosexuality - Media Manipulation - Newspaper Prints "Church Leader Charged With Molesting Boys" - No Mention of Boy Scouts!

Homosexuality - Media misrepresentation - Reardon pleads guilty to sex crimes - See Post 2

Homosexuality - New Manual Tells Police: Don't Call Gays and Lesbians 'Homosexual' (Gag & Hurl Chunks Alert!!)

Homosexuality Overview - Interesting Article # 126

Homsexuality - Scouting - Girl Scout Camp Recruits children of lesbians

ICC - American Foreign Policy and the International Criminal Court (Letter From State Department)

ID Card - New Mexico To Test Smart Card Driver s License - Credit Link

ID Card - What's Our National Identity?

ID Cards - Carol Schwartz (R) Questions MANDITORY Child ID Proposal

Illegal - Immigration - Pockets of Protest Are Rising Against Immigration

Illegal Immigration - Census 2000 stats

Illegal Immigration - Census Figures - Article 00 01

Illegal Immigration - Census Reveals Sharp Increase in Mexican Nationals

Illegal Immigration - Crime, stats...

Illegal Immigration - Deaths

Illegal Immigration - Drivers Licenses Demanded

Illegal Immigration - Drives with no insurance or licenses. No deportation results.

Illegal Immigration - Hispanic Population Segment Increases 58% in Ten Years

Illegal Immigration - Illegal Middle-Easterners

Illegal Immigration - Leading Mexican Journalist: “Mexico is recovering lost territories via immigration"

Illegal Immigration - Multiple families per dwelling...

Illegal Immigration - Myths vs Facts

Illegal Immigration - New Law Could Give U.S. Visas to 250,000 Mexicans

Illegal Immigration - Reese - Blame Mexico

Illegal Immigration - Shootout over illegals shows danger to public

Illegal Immigration - Six months after Sept. 11, hijackers visas approval letters received (see post 88)

Illegal Immigration - Wages - Commentary: Say no to guest-workers

Immiagration - Illegal - Australia Immigration (Patriot) Vigilante Warned (By Police Not to Keep Illegal Immigrants Out!)

Immiagration - US mulls visa-waiver for 29 countries

Immigartion - Illegal - Mafia angle # 8... 'A Fair and Just Amnesty'

Immigratin - Illegal - Drugs seen tied to border incursion [invasion] (stats)

Immigration - Amherst, Mass., Tries to Allow Its Aliens to Vote

Immigration - Erasing Our Borders

Immigration - Fox calls for legalized migrant flow across border

Immigration - H-1B Visa Holders to Get Reprieve

Immigration - Illegal - Effects - from Mexico: Study Examines Costs and Benefits for the United States

Immigration - Illegal - 29 Illegal Immigrants Found Working at Denver International Airport

Immigration - Illegal - 29 Illegal Immigrants working at Denver Airport - Phony papers

Immigration - Illegal - Alien Nation (Mexican Nationals receiving Welfare Checks, live s o the Border)

Immigration - Illegal - Alien Notion; The right case for "amnesty."

Immigration - Illegal - Amnesty for immigrants is "a great leap forward," Libertarians say

Immigration - Illegal - Amnesty proposal may spur Hispanic population rise {ITS A DONE DEAL}

Immigration - Illegal - Arrests decline significantly.

Immigration - Illegal - Benefits and Costs of Immigrants/March 1995 Rand Report

Immigration - Illegal - Big labor embraces migrants (ILLEGALS)

Immigration - Illegal - Births To Illegal Aliens Risig;Hospitals Left With Unpaid Bills

Immigration - Illegal - Bush to announce in Mexico new initiatives...

Immigration - Illegal - Can US halt illegal migrants by hosting more 'guests'? (Inspection Agent on board)

Immigration - Illegal - Canada - Canada, U.S. OK Border Security Plan

Immigration - Illegal - Chavez - Supply and demand immigration

Immigration - Illegal - Cultural Suicide

Immigration - Illegal - Darkness by design for amnesty move (See #78 Rose Bowl Scene 1998)

Immigration - Illegal - Driver's licenses for terrorists

Immigration - Illegal - Dual Language Education of New Mexico

Immigration - Illegal - Group Backs 'Guest Worker' Program

Immigration - Illegal - Health Care Avoidence at the Border

Immigration - Illegal - HISPANIC LEADERS SPEAK OUT!

Immigration - Illegal - Hospitals feel pain of Mexico crossings

Immigration - Illegal - Hundreds line up to get consular ID cards

Immigration - Illegal - IDs open new doors to migrants (read: illegal Mexican aliens)

Immigration - Illegal - Illegal Aliens Are Coming To A Neighborhood Near You At 500 MPH.

Immigration - Illegal - Illegal immigrants are flooding into Spain: European police force proposed

Immigration - Illegal - Illegal Immigration/Mexican Invasion: Powell says no blanket amnesty for illegal Mexicans

Immigration - Illegal - Illiteracy - Post five...

Immigration - Illegal - Immigrants To America May Stengthen Their New Country's Ideal

Immigration - Illegal - Immigration: The New Americanos - Fleeing chaos at home, Colombians invade Florida


Immigration - Illegal - It’s Illegal! - Enforcing immigration law

Immigration - Illegal - Jobs in Mexican Community Won't Necessarily Solve Migration Problem

Immigration - Illegal - Keep Bringing your tired, your Hungry? (A surprising stance on immigration from Jonathan Alter)

Immigration - Illegal - Lamm advocates limits on immigration

Immigration - Illegal - Lawmakers call for tightening control of visas {our boarders are still wide open }

Immigration - Illegal - Leading Mexican Journalist: “Mexico is recovering lost territories via immigration"

Immigration - Illegal - Legalization, Amnesty or what?


Immigration - Illegal - Mexican Colonists: Activists hit Milwaukee mayor for missing Mexican president's visit

Immigration - Illegal - Mexico slams shut its southern door

Immigration - Illegal - Mexico slams shut its southern door!

Immigration - Illegal - Nearly 150 Arrested at LAX Airport

Immigration - Illegal - Needed: Reform at immigration agency (PO Boxes)

Immigration - Illegal - Pirates.

Immigration - Illegal - Policy on illegal aliens could cost taxpayers $30 billion

Immigration - Illegal - President of the United States Wants To Grant Amnesty...


Immigration - Illegal - Senate Quickly Passes Immigrant Worker Bill Before Mexican President Ends State Visit

Immigration - Illegal - Sending Back the Mexicans - Voices From Long Island’s Anti-Immigrant Conference

Immigration - Illegal - Strange times at Santa Monica High (Mecha Alert)

Immigration - Illegal - Terrorism ?

Immigration - Illegal - Testimony: 80 Percent of Dulles Security Screeners NOT US CITIZENS

Immigration - Illegal - THE BORDER Learning from Our Mistakes . .


Immigration - Illegal - The Great Exodus: West Central Mexico Moves to the US (my title)

Immigration - Illegal - The Truth About Amnesty Creeps Out

Immigration - Illegal - U.S. Looks Abroad for Teachers to Fill Gap{ with UNITED NATIONS, COMMUNIST / SOCIALISM

Immigration - Illegal - U.S. Seeks Safe Border With Mexico

Immigration - Illegal - Up to Congress to give voting rights to Mexican migrants

Immigration - Illegal - WABC's Lynn Samuels apologizes to FReepers for on air comments.

Immigration - INS has been unable to enforce 300,000 deportations

Immigration - Mexico: Fox Calls For U.S. To Take "Illegal" Tag Off Immigrants

Immigration - More Immigrants on Welfare Despite Reform

Immigration - Police face a translation gap

Immigration - Population Growth

Immigration - Reducing Illegal Immigrant Deaths

Immigration - Spanish language joins U.S. culture

Immigration - Terrorist cells targeted in California - 26 Illegal Arabs caught...

Immigration - The "Re"Conquista of California (& the U.S)

Immigration - The Great Attractor: Immigration and limiting it.

Immigration - U.S. Looks Abroad for Teachers to Fill Gap{ with UNITED NATIONS, COMMUNIST / SOCIALISM

Immigration - Visas - Easy Entry by Terrorists Stirs Calls for Tighter Visa Controls

Immigration - Why the Salt Lake Mayor wants criminals in airport security

Immigration Illegal - 15 to 1 Vote dem

Immigration Illegal - Fox touts immigration to

Immigration Illegal - Fraud Rampant

Immigration Illegal - See post 174 for my comments

Immigration Illegal - Soldiers on the Border, Temporary

Immigration Illegal - US Troops on the Borders II

Immigration, Illegal - Shootout over illegals shows danger to public

Income Taxes - Abolish Them

Islam - Islam for kids: Required course II


Israel - EU Backs Palistinians (see reply 8) - EU Says US Must Offer Steel Compensation{Give us some more of your tax payers money}

Israel - First Hand Account of Jerusalem Pizza Shop Bombing

Israel - Israel Takes PLO Base as Bombing Victims Buried (Vows To Keep It & US State Depart' Condemns Israel) Manifest Destiny

Israel - Israel warned Arafat of suicide bomb risk

Israel - It's future - My comments in response 2.

Israel - Observer Force Transfers Info To Tanzim

Israel - Palestinians - Children taught to be suicide bombers.

Israel - Saudi Prince Threatens Payback for Giuliani Snub - 99% vs 50% Thoughts

Israel - Terrorism - Terrorist says orders come from Arafat (Al-Aqsa leader admits it!)

Israel - The ADL Pushes "Tolerance"? Why I'm Leaving After 25 Years

Israel - URGENT Israeli tanks enter Palestinian city, open fire

Israel - US - U.S. not backing Israel's demand for terror suspects

Israel - War - PALESTINIANS: Intifada Will Come to Jerusalem

Isreal - Annan urges Israel to end 'occupation'

Isreal - Founding - Beware of the Facts

Jobs - Lucent details strategy to be profitable (Layoff 60,000-65,000)

Jobs - Total Number of JOBLESS Workers Hits Nine-Year High

Jury Nullification - Tax Protester Fouind Guilty

Justice - Judge dismisses allegations against former Pentagon spokesman and aide who were sued by Linda Tripp


Klamath - Lies - Rain and Snow Bring Needed Moisture to Klamath Basin After Long, Dry Troubled Summer

Land - Another A.H. Org - The Trust for Public Land’s growing interest in NH

Land - Conservancies - Klamath farmers taking their case to Capitol Hill

Land Rights - Abandon the United Nations!

Land Rights - Canals Run Dry Again In Klamath Falls

Land Rights - CARA Land Grab Vote on Wednesday!!!!

Land Rights - CARA Vote Wednesday - UPRISING STARTS NOW!!!

Land Rights - CARA: Living in the Soviet Union of America

Land Rights - Conservancies - Klamath farmers taking their case to Capitol Hill

Land Rights - Convergence at Klamath Falls / How The Mainstream Media Soft Pedal A Big Story

Land Rights - Feds seize cattle from second Nevada rancher; pickets planned

Land Rights - Fish vs. Farmers

Land Rights - Habitat conservation planning

Land Rights - House to consider controversial land Acquisiton bill

Land Rights - Klamath Falls /Restraining order = Good news

Land Rights - Nature's Conservancy at it Again - Government footing the Bill?

Land Rights - Rural Cleansing (Klamath Basin report re Rural Cleansing!"

Land Rights - Some Oregon Farmers Embrace Land Buy-Out Plan (Klamath Basin)

Land Rights - Water War:: Dramatic fight for irrigation rights in Klamath Basin

Land Rights - Zimbabwe Hit by Foot-And-Mouth

Land Use - Fate of huge farm bill crucial to California {One of the biggest environmental votes of the decade }

Land Use - Federal "No Growth" Blueprint on Viagra - LAND GRAB

Leftist Support - Professor tied to Terrorist Cells

Libertarians - Amnesty for immigrants is "a great leap forward," Libertarians say

Libertarians - Vermont Libertarian Party endorses gay marriage (my title)

Marriage - Utah Polygamist Gets Five Years

Marxism - US - Actor Michael Moriarty wants to team up with Chuck to battle Marx Americana: "Dear Charlton Heston"

Media - ATTENTION CHAPTERS - Rally Media Assistance from the FRN

Media - ATTENTION CHAPTERS - Rally Media Assistance from the FRN 2

Media - Bias - MSNBC Labels Palestinians "Martyrs"

Media - Natural Allies - CHAPTERS/ACTIVISTS - Local Contacts List (a work in progess)

Media - New technology could lead to next generation FR

Media Bias - NY Times photographer: "Don't trust anything you see on TV"

Media Bias - Reuters: Not "terrorism," but "holy war"

Medical - Nerve Stem Cells Transplant Successful in China

Men's Rights - Post 300 - Famous quotes from FemiNazis

Military - Pentagon Plans on Dismantling All MX Missiles

Military Preparedness - Strategic Review Nearly Done (Cuts, Multi-Theatre Rethink)

Military Tribunal - Appropriate Justice for Terrorists:Using Military Tribunals Rather Than Criminal Courts

Militia - Ca - Well-known Christian soldier may form militia

Money - Tiny radio chip gives paper an ID

Muslim - Baptist pastor's words shock Muslim leaders : "Mohammad a 'possessed pedophile"

NAFTA - Farm Unrest Roils Mexico, Challenging New President

NAFTA - Open US roads for Mexican trucks (Only Random Checks!! Imagine:Terrorists,Illegals,UnsafeTrucks!)

Nanny State - A State Agency With The Power To 'Kidnap With Impunity'

National ID - What's Our National Identity?

National ID - Your ID please, citizen. [What a national ID card might look like]

Nationalism - Life is too short to spend it in the company of cowards

North Korea - Weapons Proliferation - Missile Parts & Technology Sent to Iran

Nuclear Bomb - US admits losing nuke

Nuclear Proliferation - Canada-trained Pakistani nuclear scientists defecting

Nuclear Weapons - Victims reveal Russian bomb secrets - 40,000 tons bomb on 45,000 people

OKC - McVeigh's Ghost - Interesting Thread

OKC - McVeigh's Ghost - Top Pentagon Officials Say Iraq Involved in OKC Bombing

OKC - Missing evidence from Oklahoma City

OKC - OKLAHOMA BOMBING LINKED TO BIN LADEN (Captured Chemical Notes Say in Bosnian ‘Was used in Oklahoma’)

OKC - Oklahoma City blast linked to bin Laden

OKC - Police make arrests in home invasion robbery (Iraqi's Involved In OKC Bombing?)

OKC - Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast Ib?

OKC - Terrorist Cells

OKC - Vidal - Author Gore Vidal Thinks McVeigh Had Help

OKC - Waco - Ruby Ridge - Goodies across the board

OKC - Was the FBI and Early Arrival

OKC - Wealth of Information starting in #56

OKC Bombing - CBS Files Motion to Lift Gag Order in OKC Case

OKC Bombing - Debunking Rivero - Research into the rept of additional bombs found.

OKC Bombing - Documents

OKC Bombing - Federal Prosecutors Jeopardize McVeigh's Conviction, Did

OKC Bombing - GJ - Problems W/Missing Documents, Sees - Article 01 01

OKC Bombing - GJ - Problems W/Missing Documents, Sees - Article 01 02

OKC Bombing - GJ - Problems W/Missing Documents, Sees - Article 01 03

OKC Bombing - GJ - Problems W/Missing Documents, Sees - Article 01 04

OKC Bombing - GJ - Problems W/Missing Documents, Sees - Article 01 05

OKC Bombing - Judge Never Read Howe File

OKC Bombing - Keating Book

OKC Bombing - Links to Howe and Other Important Data

OKC Bombing - McVeigh Did Not Act Alone (and two other parts)

OKC Bombing - More Than One Bomb?, More Evidence - and Links

OKC Bombing - More Withheld Evidence

OKC Bombing - Prior Knowledge

OKC Bombing - South American Follow Up Bombing, Connected?

OKC Bombing - Trial Transcripts, McVeigh

OKC Bombing - We Knew It Was Going to Blow


Palestine - Ashamed to be an American (WARNING: HUGE BARF ALERT) - See # 47

Palestinian State - Bungling Arab brethren share blame for plight of Palestinians: 53 yrs ago, Palestinians had a State

Parent's Rights - Canadians Flee in Spanking Dispute, (100) Church Members Take U.S. Refuge (From AntiFamilyGestapo)

Parental Rights - McGuckin daughter wanted out

Parental Rights - Parents Steal Own Children

Peace Protesters - The Ugly Truth - Ramsey Clark - More - The International Action Center: "Peace Activists" With A Secret Agenda?

People for the American Way Tie In - Progressive Networking

Pledge - Pledge to the Earth Proposed for Council [L.A. City Council]

Police State - 'We're Gonna Need More Ammunition!'

Police State - 'We're Gonna Need More Ammunition!'

Police State - 369 Bullets Fired In Lubbock SWAT Snafu

Police State - Big Brother's Got Wheels - Vehichle license and movement monitoring

Police State - Canada - Cash Expenditures for Healthcare in US

Police State - How a top cop drank, drove, crashed and covered it up

Police State - Military Muscle Comes To Mayberry

Police State - Return to Waco (Janet Reno) (Warning: Graphic pics)

Police State - Rumsfeld Warns Against US 'Police State'

Police State - The beauty of no-knock warrants

Police State - The Police Murder of Donald P. Scott in Malibu, California

Police State - Waiting for the Knock (at the door - in the middle of the night).


Privacy Rights - 'Big Brother' Britain Extends Its Snooping Powers

Property Rights - Government Property Seizures out of Control

Racism - Harvard professor argues for 'abolishing' white race

Racism - Reverse - Loosely - THE WORLDWIDE WAR ON WHITE PEOPLE

Red Crosss, the : A Nation unto Itself

Reference - Participant Comments - Matrisciana Judgment

Religion - Banning Parts of the Bible in Canada

Religion - Repentance # 152

Religion - Repentence 172

Religion - Schools hope Harry's wand entrances pupils - Schools Bussing Kids to See Harry Potter

Religion - US v Church - Victory for birth control (Catholics ordered to pay for it)

Religious Freedom - Bride is banned from singing Jerusalem ["too nationalistic"]

Reparations - Has the Debt Been Paid?

Report says Ted Turner to launch anti-nuclear group


Rights - Amnesty International shifts focus to economic rights

Ruby Ridge - Randy Weaver Returns [...Icon?]

Russia Passes Spy Plane Treaty

Russia to aid N Korea forces "Russia and N. Korea have signed an agreement on military co-operation"

Russian forces help China in mock conflict

Russians Now Freely Exporting Highly Advanced Military Weapons.... Much Better Than US Produces

Science - Cells, Stem - Adult Stem Cell Miracle Breakthrough Reported in Canada

Science - Cold Fusion Experiment Produces Mysterious Results

Science - Computers - Pittsburgh supercomputer is complete, and scientists are champing at the bit to use it

Science - Gravitational - Serious Science: Impulse Artificial Gravity Generator Based on Ceramic Superconductor

Science - Scientist Says Mind Continues After Brain Dies

Science - Super Conductivity - C60 Enters the Race for the Top

Sciency - China claims breakthrough in laser research

Search - Free Republic Search Engine *Experimental*

Secession - Civil War in NH! (My Title), Newington to discuss seceding from state

Self Defense Shootings Underreported

Sheriff - Move to Abolish - Randazzo Calls for End to Sheriff's Department (From Constitional To Emergency Law Enforcement)

Slavery - Ghana's 'divine slaves' still under bondage despite legal ban

South Africa - The Communist Takeover of South Africa

Sovereignty - Foreign recruits set to join our police

Sovereignty - International Criminal Court Coming Into Being(And Ron Paul's Response)

Sovereignty - War Crimes Court Pits United States Against World, Rome Statute ICC

Sovereignty - World court now a reality: Will supersede national sovereignty

Space - Gore's Spacecraft Dream Grounded - Six Shuttle Flights per Year

Space - Satellite Protective Squadron

Spying On Us

Standing in the middle of the road: Henry Lamb warns U.S. could get run over in Kyoto conflict

State Constitutional Rights to Keep and Bear Arms

Tabago - New Terror Threat From Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago)

Taipei to test locally developed anti-missile system

Taiwan - Investors Flock from Taiwan to China

Taxes - Congress Will Hold Hearing: Is Income Tax Legitimate?

Taxes - The I Want to Pay More Fund

Taxes - Two Little Words

Taxes, Income - Abolish Them

Technology - Atoms that add

Terrorism - Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Warfare Risk Information

The car that runs on air

The CIA in the New World Order - Intelligence Challenges Through 2015 (Article From CIA Website)

The Crisis and Mortal Threat to American Liberty

The despicable people in the top 1% of income

The Gramscian Commie in the White House

The Hard Truth About Dutch Soft Drug Experiment

The United Nations and Alleged U.S. Debt

Title IX - Title IX defeats male athletes

Trade - Free Trade is Not Free, Mr. President

Trade - Greenbacks won't reform Red China - Trading With a Slave State

Trade - Trade deficit expands to $29.4 billion in June

Trade - TRADE DEFICIT NONSENSE -- A refresher course on 'the balance of trade'

Trade - Trading Our Living Standard For a Mess Of Pottage

Trade - U.S. trade gap poses dollar risk: IMF {Comments send dollar tumbling}

Trade - U.S. trade gap poses dollar risk: IMF {Comments send dollar tumbling}

Trade Center Bombing - Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast

Treason - USC 18 Section 2381 - Treason Defined

Tripe - Colonialism is alive and well in the Middle East

TWA 800 - The Official Investigation traps itself yet again.

TWA 800 - We saw TWA Flight 800 Shot Down by Missiles - Part 2

TWA Flight 800 - 'Bombing' of TWA Flight 800: Reed Irvine reveals new admissions by Stephanopoulos and Kallstrom

TWA Flight 800 - Demise of the TWA 800 cover-up?

TWA Flight 800 - Naval officer, Reed Irvine Account

TWA Flight 800 - Swiss Air 127 shot at by a missile?

TWA Flight 800 - _Jim's Case - Special: The Tragedy of TWA Flight 800

TWA800: NTSB Board Member Suggests Eyewitnesses Were Drunk - PDF Ref @ 208

U.S. and Russian Nuclear Weapons Strengths

UN - FFS - Alaska Land Transfer Puts Senator on Spot { THIS WILL BE THE NEW U.N WORLD STANDING AMRY BASE}

UN - Gun Control - U.N. Gun Control

UN - Israel - UN Admits Hiding Information From Israel, But Not Intentionally

UN - Reparations for Slavery

UN - UNracism panel criticizes United States

UN - Xenophobia at the U.N.

UN AWOL - Zimbabwe officially in famine cond: White farmer describes seizure of her land by Mugabe

Unified Theory - China concerned about Middle East situation (Vietnam as well)

Unified Theory - Vietnam calls for Israel's immediate pullback

United Nations - Annan Backs Russia's Position on SDI

United Nations - Anti-Israel Vote Appalls Critics: Liberal, Alliance MPs protest

United Nations - Congressman Says UN Agency Aiding Palestinian Terrorists

United Nations - Dues Payments - House Votes to Hold Back U.N. Fees Payments 2002,3

United Nations - Israel - UN Snubs Israel Plea With Strong Criticsim

United Nations - Mercs - Soldiers for hire: UK, U.N. moving toward legitimizing mercenaries

United Nations - news brief from agpy press (United Nations summit on the child)

United Nations - Plan for Your Mental Health, The

United Nations - Population - U.N. Population Report: A Study in Pessimism; Malthusian Outlook Overlooks the Positive

United Nations - Slaves of the United Nations: Their Most Dangerous Meeting Ever!

United Nations - Stiff Right Jab - ICC: Putting America On Trial

United Nations - Tax Hog???

United Nations - The United Nations Stands in the Way of Victory Over Terrorism

United Nations - Toward a wilderness utopia: See links post 54

United Nations - U. N. Biosphere Reserves (Good overview of the problem)

United Nations - UN Takeover of the Child

United Nations - UnderSecretary Problem

United Nations - UNICEF - Child sex book given out at U.N. summit

United Nations - wants your children! ...excoriates globalist agenda to indoctrinate America's youth

United Nations Proposal For Universal I.D. System

United Nations, The - Gun Control Efforts, World Wide

United Nations, The - River's Initiatives, Inspired

United States - Education - Bill Irks House Conservatives

United States' Government - Federalist Papers - "Brutus" Number I

United States, The - Founding Fathers - Those Who Risked Everything

United States, The - Good Neighbor

Urban Legend? Who says? Debunking the debunkers.

US Border - Trucks - Inspection of trucks on border threadbare

US Government - Land, More Federal Dollars to Grab Land

US Military - We're Now a One Theatre Power, No longer Nordstrom, Now K-Mart...

US Vetoes UN Observer Force for West Bank, Gaza

Utopia - Group-rape of girl cover up in Holland - an update (see post 16)

Visas - Eurpoe Follows US Lead In Visa Restrictions

Visas - Proposed visa ban dropped

Visuals of OKC vs. Khobar Towers [20K TNT vs. 4K ANFO]

Vote Fraud - Man said to be linked to hijackers pleads guilty in Greensboro to voter fraud

Waco - Flir - Optics expert rebuts Waco standoff report

Waco - Photos of Victims, Before and After

Washington - George Washington's 'Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour'

Water - Commercial fishermen demand answers to 'black water' mystery

Water Rights - Group Urges Colorado River Water Be Diverted to Save Mexican Delta


Welfare - Homeless voice mail in budget

Welfare - Women on Welfare Face Poor Health

When the Moon Rises

Why Mommy Has to Work So Hard

WJC - Hillary Gets Her Own Center Adjacent to Clinton Library (My Title)

World Bank - US Committment Levels

World Government - Peoples Parliament

World Opinion - Germany on US Treatment of Prisoners

World Opinion - US Treatment of Prisoners England's Mirror

World View - We are the (US) World

WOT - Fight Over Dangerous POWs /Not our problem, say Rumsfeld and UN

WTC - Prior Knowledge - Western Intelligence Knew Of Bin Laden Attack Since 1995

WTO Rules agianst the US. US companies must pay taxes.

[MUST READ]: Jonathan Lebed: Stock Manipulator, S.E.C. Nemesis -- and 15