Since Dec 13, 2005

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Deep State voting categories....(1st 7 courtesy of Disestablishmentarianism)

1) Most likely to be actively on the payroll of a foreign power or cabal seeking to destroy the USA.

2) Most likely to be personally involved in child trafficking and possibly ritual sacrifices.

3) Most dangerous Useful Idiot

4) Most power-hungry psychopath

5) Most likely not actually whom they claim to be.

6) Most obsessed with personal wealth over all other considerations.

7) Most likely owned by blackmailers for engaging in sex with children (or worse) on videotape.

8. Lowest actual power to perceived power ratio. (I.e. total puppet who looks powerful but isn’t.)

9. Most likely to have kuru.

10. Instigator of the most murders.

11. Most likely to have committed an actual murder with his/her own hands.

12. Most likely to be arrested first.

13. Most likely to be the first sent to Gitmo.

14. Most likely to go on the next book tour.

15. Most likely to be married to someone of the opposite sex but not a heterosexual.

16. Most likely to be married to someone of the same sex who is secretly transgendered.

17. Most likely to not be the actual biological parent of a child that is claimed to be a biological child.