Since Aug 30, 1998

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I am an American Nationalist.

Philosophically I align generally with my fellow Western, small "l" libertarians like Goldwater, Reagan, Palin etc.

For the record, I announced my support from Trump on this site in May of 2015.

And have not wavered since.

My goal has been the destruction of the Republican Party for at least a decade. I believe that until they are utterly destroyed, then replaced with (c)onservative nationalists (along the lines of Steve Bannon) there will be no progress and no hope for the Constitution as written.

I believe Republican politicians manipulate their electorate with emotion on social issues(abortion, homos etc.) so they can skim a percentage on the sale of America to the highest bidder.

I believe each and every one of them is a corrupt hypocrite.

And the Dims? Commies, through and through.

But I believe they can be defeated, finally, once the Republicans are “dead”.

To me, Trump is the bludgeon. I have no emotional attachment.

If he is able to destroy the Republican party I will be satisfied.

Of course, I no longer believe they need help. The electorate has apparently turned and Republicans are more hated than ever.